Some Springtime How-To Illustrations for Rodale

A while back, I created a series of springtime how-to illustrations for the Rodale Press Organic Life magazine. I thought it a good time to share these. It’s almost time to start thinking about getting back outside to the garden!

Iris | floral Illustration

Springtime How-To Illustrations

Springtime How-To Illustrations Growing Plants from Seed

These images show, in several steps, how to start growing plants from seed. Something I have done, by the way!

This is a fairly long-term process, requiring daily care, but it pays off big-time economically, besides giving the gardener a ‘jump’ on the season. Here are the step-by-step details:

Gardening Illustrations | Equipment

Gardening equipment; heating pad, trays, cover.


Springtime how-to illustrations | Mixing the Soil

Mixing the soil.

Adding Soil | Springtime Gardening Illustration

Filling the tray with soil

Springtime How-to Illustrations

Using a pencil to create spaces for the seed.

Seed Planting | Gardening Illustration

Planting the seed.

Watering seeds | Springtime Illustrations

Spraying the seedbed to keep things moist

Seed tags | Spring Gardening Illustrations

Tagging the plantings for identification

Ligting for seedlings | Spring How-To Illustrations

Providing the light source

Sprouting Seeds | Springtime Gardening Illustrations

The young sprouts.

Seelings in Growth | Planting  Illustrations

Still coming up.

Hardening Plants | Springtime How-To Illustrations

Hardening off by moving the tray outdoors.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these springtime how-to illustrations. Perhaps I have inspired you to get your hands dirty? Give it a try— it’s FUN!

You could even end up with a beautiful Iris like this one for your efforts!

Iris | Floral Illustration

Iris | Floral Illustration

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