Vineyard Illustration | WSJ Portrait from the Vineyard

Vineyard Illustration for Discerning Clients

Stemming from my work in creating the WSJ Portrait style, aka the Hedcut, opportunities arise from discerning clients. These are people who appreciate the refined, engraved look of these illustrations. Here are a few of my portraits, vineyard illustration — of people, places, situations, and even a three-legged horse!

Vineyard Illustrations | Catena Winery Label

Catena Winery and Vineyards

Portrait of a vineyard.

The Catena Winery and Vineyards are a highly-respected brand from Mendoza, Argentina. The illustration was made for a house label.

Vineyard Illustrations | Catena WSJ Portrait

Laura Catena WSJ Style Stipple Portrait

A portrait of Laura Catena, Vintner, for the label of one of the house’s offerings.

Napa Vineyard Illustration

In a similar vine, the Grgich Vineyards, of Napa fame, commissioned me to commemorate one of the emeritus founders. This stipple portrait of Miljenko “Mike” Grgich was produced for a special, small batch Chardonnay label:

Vineyard Illustration | Grgich Vineyards Bottle Label

Grgich Vineyards Bottle Label

Here is the original portrait art…

Vineyard Illustration | Miljenko Grgich Portrait

Miljenko Grgich WSJ Style Stipple Portrait

Now, for a situation or two! I produced several illustrations for advertisements on behalf of Pennsylvania’s alcoholic beverage bureau. These were portraits of people enjoying wine— who wouldn’t?

Vineyard Illustration | Gainey Wine

Enjoying Gainey Wine in Pennsylvania

Vineyard Illustration | Playmate Vineyard, Pennsylvania

Playmate Vineyard, Pennsylvania

Vineyard Horse Illustration

Lastly, I offer a curious sight: a Three-legged horse winning a race. This was for a wine label called “100 to 1” What are the chances I’ll spot it on the shelves sometime soon? I’m hoping for a 50-50 shot! …or at least, a glass of Malbec.

Vineyard Illustrations | 1 to 100 Bottle Label

Three-legged Horse for “100 to 1” Wine Bottle Label

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