WSJ Hedcut Artist Kevin Sprouls Stipple Portraits for Gallup

I just shipped a fresh portrait illustration to Gallup, Inc. the polling organization. I have produced many pieces of art for this venerable institution over the last few years. I’m always glad to be hired by a client with historical significance.

An early commission of a key Gallup executive, Don Clifton, came with this reference:

I created this portrait illustration, in the WSJ hedcut style I pioneered, to my client’s satisfaction:

The next commission was of the founder, George Gallup. The photo reference was not entirely clear. Viewing this working photo, you can see where I added to the shoulders to ‘fill out’ this composition:

The resulting hedcut style, executive portrait came out like this…

Lastly, for this post, a particularly challenging assignment from my client. Here is the photo I received:

Low resolution, fuzzy photograph. I warn my clients against these. Nonetheless, I did what I could, and got a decent, if not respectable result:

My post next week will continue with this series of Wall Street Journal hedcut stipple portraits that I had the pleasure of creating for the Gallup organization. Stay Tuned!


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