Creating Logos, Part 1 | Graphic Logos for Companies and Brands

When I’m not busy creating WSJ stipple hedcut portraits for people, I take on a lot of other interesting assignments. These include creating logos for companies and brands.

Logo Design | Bomb Factory Thumb

Creating Logos, Part 1

Creating logos for my own business.

To get started, though, I’ll share with you some logo work I did for my own business. In the old days, when an Art Director would call to see my portfolio, I would ship out a massive, heavy collection of laminated sheets in a custom-manufactured case with my logo on it. What a chore! As times changed, I realized I could merely ship out a folder containing my many printed samples. So, I got to work designing this folder…

Logo Creation | Eye

A logo I created to call my own.

Here is the illustration I created for the front cover of my folder. The folder itself came out looking like this:

Portfolio cover

Front of my portfolio with my logo image

Portfolio inside

Artwork inside my portfolio folder

notice the thumb cut-outs holding my business card

portfolio back

Back cover of my portfolio folder

Here is a close-up of the illustration on the back…

logo creation | bullseye logo image

A logo like image for the back cover of the portfolio

Logo creation for a software company.

Just a month or so ago, I received a request from one of the owners of a software company called Bomb Factory. They make tools for musicians and songwriters. I took their existing design and gave it my personal take:

Logo Creation | Bomb Factory Logo

Bomb Factory Logo | Logo creation in the hedcut style.

The new design was well-received.

Logo creation with a twist

Lastly, I’ll share a logo I did, with a twist. Several years ago, I received a call from a company called Addison. Here’s how they describe themselves:

“Addison is a creative agency that does high-profile work for some of the world’s most respected institutions.”

They were perhaps admiring my work for The Wall Street Journal and wanted a new logo version in my graphic style. So, I created an illustration using a photograph they provided, of a goldfish. The Goldfish is still being used by the company today as its Brand Identity. The twist is this: I did the logo in black and white, as requested, but I later decided it would look very cool in color. So I gave it my coloring treatment.

Creating logos | Addison

Creating logos in a colored stipple style for Addison

I have since lost track of my original b&w work, but this color version stands up well, I think. Next week, more of my logo adventures… stay tuned!

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