Eclectic Logo Designs | Logo Creation Part 3

In this last of the logo creation series post, I’ll conclude with some eclectic logo designs I’ve produced over the years.

Street Lamppost Illustration Logo

Streetlamp - Eclectic Logo Design

Streetlamp – Eclectic Logo Design

I created this lamp-post illustration as a brand identity logo for my hometown, Rutherford, NJ. Rutherford is the quintessential suburban American hamlet. There was a time I could name every street in this one-square-mile municipality. Only 8 miles from the Big Apple, it is still a wonderful place where many of my old friends reside.

Sunrise Illustration Logo

Sunrise - Eclectic Logo Design

Sunrise – Eclectic Logo Design

I created this logo for a retirement community. It reflects that early-rising lifestyle that many of our seniors prefer. Early morning is my favorite time of day. I confide, nonetheless, that I love getting my ‘Beauty Rest’ in the morning hours!

Nautical Illustration Logo

Ponce De Leon - Eclectic Logo Design

Ponce De Leon – Eclectic Logo Design

This is a very complicated corporate logo I was commissioned to produce a few years ago. I believe it was intended for use by an insurance company. If you know what all the initials are for, please let me know.

Guitar Illustration Logo

I’ve been friends with Bob Reselman, on the west coast, for a few years now. I am a proud owner of one of his singular cigar box guitars. His other, custom, solid body electric guitars have a cool, unique shape. I created this simple logo as his mark:

Guitar - Eclectic Logo Design

Guitar – Eclectic Logo Design

I hasten to add, Bob may not be using this mark, but I hope he is.

Meter Illustration Logo

Also in the musical vein, this is a logo I created for myself, in the event that I establish a recording label:

Meter - Eclectic Logo Design

VU Meter – Eclectic Logo Design

It is a brief riff off the classic VU-meter, so beloved by us analog fans.

Lizard Illustration Logo

Lizart - Eclectic Logo Design

Lizard – Eclectic Logo Design

This elegant amphibian was commissioned by the fashion house, Vivre. After many sketch iterations, the final design resulted in this version. I rather like it.

Bomb Illustration Logos

Lastly, the Bomb Factory logo that started this sequence spawned a couple of spin-offs. For alternate applications, I was tasked with creating a ‘gear’ version, and a ‘sawblade’ version for the Bomb Factory brand. Here they are:

Bomb Gear - Eclectic Logo Design

Bomb Gear – Eclectic Logo Design


Bomb Blade - Eclectic Logo Design

Bomb Blade – Eclectic Logo Design


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