One More Book Illustration Project – With Hedcuts!

I have to confess that I love a good book illustration project.

I almost forgot this one… but ran across this little gem the other day while reaching for my favorite beach read…

Book illustration project | Poetry cover

The Anthology of Really Important Modern Poetry

Another tongue-in-cheek publication from Quirk Books, from 2012. A very witty tome with the political overtones of the time. Here’s the back-cover:

Book illustration project back cover

Modern Poetry Anthology Back Cover

The following images are scanned from the actual book:

Book illustration project Donald Trump Hedcut

Donald Trump Hedcut

Donald Trump Quote

“I make great deals. That is what I do” — Donald Trump

The authors were ahead of the curve in their commentary, I feel.

Book Illustration Project | Mariah Carey Hedcut

Mariah Carey Hedcut

An icon of recent memory, heading her own chapter

Sarah Palin Hedcut | Book illustration

Sarah Palin Hedcut

An icon of a fading memory

Joe Biden Hedcut | Book Illustration

Joe Biden Hedcut


Tommy Lee Hedcut | Book Illustration

Tommy Lee Hedcut

Portrait of Tommy Lee.

Sigh! The 1990’s were so Young and Innocent!

I kinda miss those days…

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