Making Illustrations for Tee-Shirts

Making illustrations for tee-shirts is nothing new at Kevin Sprouls Illustration. Over the years, I’ve created many illustrations that were destined for printing on Tee-shirts. It’s fun to know your work will be sported around town on someone’s back (or front)!

Another artist making illustrations for tee-shirts

One of my favorite illustrated Tee’s was from another artist: Hal Mayforth. Hal created this mad-funny image that SO MANY of us in the trade can appreciate…

Making Illustrations for Tee-Shirts

Illustrators Against Heavy Art Direction – Hal Mayforth


Hal was one of Gerald Rapp’s artists at the time and did the art as a promotional piece for this Artist’s Representative. Gerry gave me the shirt.

Making illustrations for tee-shirts and their uses

ESPN wanted a whimsical set of illustrations showing the many uses of an everyday tee-shirt. Their team must have really brainstormed this one! Who knew the lowly garment could be elevated to such heights?

Here are some preliminary sketches, and the printed shirt…

Preliminary sketches for illustrating for tee-shirts and their uses.


Tee-Shirts and their uses tee-shirt illustration

Making Illustrations for Tee-Shirts from Portraits

Lastly, a shirt design for Patti Smith, who printed a bunch of shirts using this portrait as concert merchandise. It was a pleasure to illustrate such an iconic image. The reference photo was by Robert Mapplethorpe.

Making Illustrations for Tee-Shirts from Portraits

Making Illustrations for Tee-Shirts – from a portrait for Patti Smith

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  1. Now that I think about it … did you do a set of portraits of famous authors for Barnes & Noble, so that they could put them on T-shirts and bags and other stuff? I had a Jack London shirt that I loved because of the artwork …

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