Tee-Shirt Designs | Illustrations for Tee-Shirts, Part 3

This will be the last post on tee-shirt designs for now.

Here are some more of my illustrations that made it onto the cloth.

Shaker Funiture Tee-Shirt Designs

There is a carpenter named Tony Garcia who specializes in converting old barn wood into fine furnishings. Tony contacted me with a proposition: “I’ll make you a piece of furniture in return for an illustration from you!” How could I refuse such an honor? He was in need of a tee-shirt design, and I was to illustrate it. I was given this as reference:

Shaker Furniture Tee-Shirt Design Source image

Shaker Furniture Tee-Shirt Design Source Image

Here is the final result:

Shaker Furniture Tee-Shirt Design

Shaker Furniture Tee-Shirt Design

In my opinion, the graphic quality of this drawing really brings out the idea behind the concept. I can tell you, it was pretty tough getting that furniture into those tiny bottles! It’s a case of making something sharp, in black-and-white, helps the observer ‘read’ the image in a very quick and efficient way.

Fabels, Animal Tee-Shirt Designs

I took this next image from the actual shirt it is printed on. The print quality is excellent. From a major Ad campaign for Bell Canada. The agency who coordinated it was Cosette. This spin-off merchandise was part of a major national television and print campaign featuring animal characters, called “Fables”…

Fables animals tee-shirt designs for Bell Canada

Fables animals tee-shirt designs for Bell Canada

Defenders of Wildlife Tote Bag Design

I created an early version of the Defenders of Wildlife logo. They are still using this image in a graphic, color logo. This illustration made it onto a tote bag offering by the animal welfare group:

Defenders of Wildlife Wolf tee-shirt designs

Defenders of Wildlife wolf tee-shirt design

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