Illustrations of Man and Machine

Illustrations of man and machine intrigue me.

I always find it interesting to combine the rather fragile human form with the hard reality of built objects. It provides an interesting contrast for the mind and eye to consider.

The juxtaposition | Illustrations of Man and Machine

Here is a good example of that juxtaposition:

Illustration of man and machine

A Man and His Bike | Illustration of man and machine

A flesh-and-bone, well-dressed gent, surrounded by steel.

A further study, in the same vein:

Illustration of man and machine

A Man and His Automobile | Illustration of man and machine

I know that these are merely images about people and their passions, but, the combination of man and machine is appealing. And, for me, fun to draw!

The next two are a bit off-topic but within the scope of this post…

Illustrations of Machine

Illustration of machines

Illustrations of Machines | An Old Truck

A few years ago, I was hired to complete a series of detailed illustrations for use in a training animation for a major distilling company in the U.S., Brown Forman. The above vehicle and driver were made to drive through various exterior and interior scenes describing the process of making whiskey.

Illustrations of Man

Illustrations of man

Old Man Leek | Illustration of man

This illustration was created for a display poster, heralding the grand tradition of quality boat-building. It features the founder of the Ocean Yachts company, a Mister Leek, from Southern New Jersey. The boatworks were very near where I lived for many years, on the Mullica River.

I’m sure to have many more examples of Man & Machine in upcoming installments. I hope you’ll join me then.

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