Information Graphic Illustrations for PNC Bank

For several years, I’ve created information graphic illustrations for a series of mailers by PNC Bank.

Presently, the project is Art Directed by Joanne Schommer at Merkle, the marketing agency.

Latest PNC Information Graphic Illustrations

Each pamphlet usually includes three of my illustrations, helping to emphasize the point of each subject. Here’s the latest collection:

So here’s the latest collection:

Bear | Information Graphic Illustrations

Alluding to a sluggish, or ‘Bear’ Stock Market.

Voted Illustration

The effect of politics on the national economy.

Interst Rates Information Graphic Illustrations

Suggesting a rise in interest rates.

Rate Increase Illustration

A more picturesque re-stating of the above!

Recycle Graphic Illustration

The cyclical nature of economics.

Department of the treasury Seal Illustration

A visual reminder of the regulatory offices that affect the monetary system.

Hope you enjoyed this elegantly restrained view of High-Finance. One could say that, in this field, the less excitement, the better!

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