It’s Animal Day! Wildlife Illustrations

What better day could there be for Wildlife Illustrations October 4th is Animal Day, if you were not aware. It coincides nicely this year with the Harvest Moon. If you see any dancing bears in the next night or two, let me know!

Wildlife Illustrations - Bear

Wildlife Illustrations – Bear

This has become a trademark for film-maker George Butler. I created it for him in connection with a fundraiser for the Natural Resource Defense Council.

Be forewarned, Dear Reader: this will be a ‘dog-heavy’ post, so let’s give the felines a top-spot:

House cats illustration

House cats illustration

A cat-portrait for Luanne Rice. I assume you did not know I did cat portraits. For good friends, I might!

Wildlife Illustrations – Avians

Usually, it’s cats after birds, but this is turnabout…

Wildlife Illustration - Partridge

Wildlife Illustration – Partridge

a Partridge. Created for the (now defunct) Canadian magazine, ‘TORO’.

Wildlife Illustration - Bird Portrait

Wildlife Illustration – Bird Portrait

a tender depiction of a sweet bird.

Wildlife Illustrations – Canines

Dogs love their owners and vice versa. Here’s a good family shot, created for Worth magazine:

Illustration - Two dogs and their owner

Two dogs and their owner

Cocker-Spaniel Illustration

Cocker-Spaniel Illustration

A flying Cocker-Spaniel!

Next, one that appeared in the Wall Street Journal, a Canine Hedcut, if you will. You will recognize the manifold profile of the Sharpei breed. Fun to draw!

Next, an image I illustrated for a Readers Digest publication. I believe it was for their Philatelic subscription series of ‘First Day Covers”. It depicts an Arctic Explorer and his Husky:

Arctic dog illustration

Arctic dog illustration

Wildlife Illustrations – Reptiles

Bringing up the rear (as it must), the trusty turtle. Someone has tagged it with a post-it. The message has since faded, I regret to say!

Wildlife Illustrations - Turtle

Wildlife Illustrations – Turtle

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