Annual Report Illustrations by Kevin Sprouls

Around the bend, we’ll be heading into Annual Report Season, and I’ll be drawing annual report illustrations to help make them look that much better.

Corporate Illustration

I have produced original artworks for many Corporations over the years, and look forward to illustrating many more. My style of work lends an air of authority to the
companies I am retained by. They appreciate the detail and accuracy I provide, that combination of line and pointillism that I introduced to The Wall Street Journal when I first started out.

Past Annual Report Illustrations by Kevin Sprouls

Here’s a portrait I created for Charles Schwab:

Annual Report Illustrations - Schwab

Annual Report Illustration – Schwab

In many cases, I’m called upon to illustrate board members. Here are a few examples of this kind…

Annual Report Illustrations - NBC

Stipple Annual Report Illustration – NBC

Annual Report Illustrations - Murray

Annual Report Illustration – Murray


A couple of fuller-figure portraits:

Annual Report Illustrations with Upper Torso

Annual Report Illustrations with Head & Shoulders

Annual Report Illustrations - Full Figure

Annual Report Illustrations – Full Figure

The possibilities are endless.

I’m expecting to illustrate many more corporate leaders in the coming months, as well as diverse portraits of interesting subjects, like this…

Annual Report Illustrations - Robert Parker

wine authority, Robert Parker

If you are looking to add distinction to your company’s Annual Report or Website design, contact me at

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