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I have created many portraits for folks to give as gifts. Today, I’ll share with you a few of these, focussing on couples and group portraits. Commissioning a group portrait from me is a great way to celebrate your loved ones…

Brothers | Group Portraits

Brothers | Group Portraits

I created this portrait for an old boyhood friend of mine. He thinks the world of his boys, and was thrilled to see the result. I liked the idea of capturing these youths in their prime and at their peak, like butterflies in amber!

The Connellys | Couples Portrait | Anniversary Celebration

The Connellys | Couples Portrait | Anniversary Celebration

This was a couple who were celebrating their union. I enjoyed working with these handsome people. The original photo was this:

Connellys | Source Photo for portrait

                                  Source Photo for portrait

I had to extract the couple from their surroundings. It wasn’t too tough.

Siblings - Group Portrait

Siblings – Group Portrait

Here was a group portrait that took some time to produce. The photo-reference was excellent. Unlike many photos I work from, it required little to no arrangement or revision. It’s always fun to draw young people. Capturing their innocence can be a challenge, of course!

Finally, another couple. I’m guessing this was an anniversary gift…

Couples Portrait

Couples Portrait

The expression and pose of this shot was superb. Working with great photographs makes my job a pleasure!

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