More Group Portraits, with a Twist

This post covers a few of my favorite group portraits from over the years. Let’s start with a trio I created while at The Wall Street Journal.

Military Group Portraits

The ‘Big Three’ at Yalta commemorates the treaty signed by these allies that drew World War Three to an end. I enhanced the original photographic image by accentuating the smoke trailing out of President Roosevelt’s cigarette, knowing that he would soon be dead.

Military Group Portrait

military Group Portrait

Culture Group Portraits

Next, we have a couple of images from The New Yorker. I had a steady gig with this influential magazine for a couple of years in the ’90’s. It was an honor to have this gig, even if the pay was not stellar!

Guarini Quartet Group Portrait

Guarini Quartet Group Portrait

The Guarini Quartet. It’s always interesting to observe the interplay between the members of a group. Below, that interplay is captured during a moment of peak frivolity…

Hollywood Party Group Portraits

Hollywood Party Group Portrait

While I was finding my freelancing feet after departing from the WSJ, I received a call from a talent agency in Hollywood. They needed a prominent illustration to display in their reception lobby. Here, I combined a few of the leading lights of their day in a composition highlighting the characters each had created…

Famous People Group  Portraits

Famous People Group Portrait

Animal Group Portraits

Finally, the Twist. Here is a group illustration I produced for a major ad campaign for Bell Canada (the phone company). The company pitched their services using animal characters loosely based on Aesop’s fables…

Animal Group Portraits

Animal Group Portrait

I based this drawing on the real-life actors wearing animal-heads who performed for the video side of the campaign. I am very pleased with the way the pen-in-hand turned out. More next week…

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