Graphic Sketches

An art school teacher once told us that it was a good idea to save sketch-work. I don’t save all of my graphic sketches, just the ones that I think are pretty effective. It ends up being a fairly large collection notwithstanding! I’m sharing a sampling of these sketches with you in this post.

graphic sketch of stones

This sketch was for a client who wanted to express the concept of a jewel among ordinary stones… His business symbolized by the gemstone, of course.

Graphic sketches of wrapping

Another interesting concept was dreamed up by, I believe, a client from an insurance company. I have lost track of the details of this campaign, but, it involved objects being wrapped. I would say that the underlying idea was one of future potentialities. Here is a building being covered…

graphic sketch of wrapping

And here are several sketches of various aspects of this covering process:

Graphic sketch - wrapping

Note the tightness of these sketches— kind of a departure from the jewel sketch above. All of the sketches in this post were achieved with my favorite sketch tool, the Bic Crystal ballpoint pen, medium point, black ink.

Graphic sketches of carrots

Finally, some elegant portrayals of the carrot. These were magazine illustration sketches, probably for The Rodale Press, a client I’ve done much work for:

Carrot sketch

carrot graphic sketches

I used two different approaches for these. The first sketch has a more stylized handling, which I prefer. The second is more naturalistic in effect.

I trust you’ve enjoyed this brief survey of my sketch collection, and hope to unearth more of them in coming installments. Stay tuned!

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