Heart and Hurricane — a Surgery and a Storm

All images, c. Kevin Sprouls

Greetings to all my Readers! After an eventful Summer, during which this blog was dormant, I am returning to a weekly post, beginning with this entry.

The Summer was mostly focussed on a family member who suffered from congestive heart failure. It was subsequently determined that open-heart surgery was required. The operation occurred on August 22nd, and despite the difficulties involved, the patient came through and is recovering well. Below is an illustration I did a few years ago of the human heart:

Once we were past that challenge, we were impacted in North Carolina by Hurricane Florence! I stayed at my alternate studio in New Jersey during the storm, but returned to my southern home a few days later. The Hurricane was one of the worst in recent memory for North Carolina. Unlike my neighbors, many of whom were completely washed out, I was very lucky to have 6-feet of water in my garage with the house (which is elevated) staying dry. It was a very close call, though. A few inches more of floodwater and I would have been flooded out of my house, too. Here is a photo of my garage!…

Whoah… What a Mess! Well, it’s all cleaned up now, but it took a while — I hope that a storm like that will not happen again!

More next week. Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “Heart and Hurricane — a Surgery and a Storm

  1. Surely a challenging year for you, Kevin! I am impressed that the mess in your garage is cleaned up. Wow! God bless you and your family member during this recovery time; how fortunate that it was diagnosed and corrected. The heart drawing is awesome.

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