Lady Liberty and Two WSJ Portraits

illustrations c. Kevin Sprouls

A few months ago, I was retained to create two WSJ hedcut portraits and an illustration of the Statue of Liberty, also known as Lady Liberty. My client has the interesting name, “We are Harrington”.  Lois and Marshall Harrington run this outfit and are true perfectionists in their field! They are tech-savvy and provide only the highest quality results for their diverse clientele.

We will produce a few more portraits soon for this campaign. For now, here are the two current Wall Street Journal style hedcut portraits that I produced for them:


As for the statue of Liberty, the client had a somewhat unique approach. They opted for using a model replica of the famous landmark. This way they could create a photograph with angle and lighting to their liking. The image they sent was this…

This was the model they shot, with a sky background they included. Pretty cool. Our discussions evolved to consider how we needed the base to be illustrated. After considering the matter, we determined that we needed to include some of the actual architecture that the landmark stands upon.

I photoshopped this and came up with the composition below…

After many hours of illustration, the finished piece turned out like this:

I was happy to create an illustration of the Statue of Liberty, a symbol so reflective of the true American Spirit. I hope we as a nation, can soon once again, live up to her Ideal!

2 thoughts on “Lady Liberty and Two WSJ Portraits

  1. Have you ever considered creating time lapses of your drawing process? I’d love to see what your method and execution look like. I think a bunch of people would watch too!

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