Preliminary Sketches by Kevin Sprouls

all images, c. Kevin Sprouls

This week, I’m showcasing a collection of preliminary sketches I created for a client a few years ago. The sketches never went to finished art, but I think they’re rather distinctive, and I offer them to you here, with commentary:

Here is a simple peapod to get us started…

An unlikely sight: This Royal Pine would not likely be a happy camper sitting atop an iceberg. Here is an alternate version…

This second take is a bit more elegant and focussed. Next, two Doberman Pincer dogs:

Sketching the open-mouthed version with the tongue out gives this version a bit more life. Below, a sketch for the musically inclined…

It was a bit of a chore drawing all those notes on the staves! Time for a refreshing cup of cappuccino:

Here is a sketch that, I’m fairly certain, pre-dates Amazon and drone-delivery:

…Just in time for the Holidays.

My favorite tool for making sketches is the classic Cristal Bic ballpoint pen, medium tip, in black. It’s a comfortable instrument, just like a pencil, and has a smooth and reliable flow. Lots of gradations can be achieved with this pen. Not ultra-sexy, I know!

Too bad these drawings never made it into prime time. Even so, I’ve enjoyed sharing them with you. Until next week…



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