Illustrations at Christmas Time, 2018

all images, c. Kevin Sprouls

It’s that time again. In this Season of the Holidays, I present some Illustrations at Christmas-Time, for your enjoyment.

I used to make a big fuss over producing Christmas cards and such art. It’s fun to look back on some pretty cool samples of my efforts. Here are some rare glimpses…

An early drawing of mine, depicting two Old Friends taking a walk in the snow. I enjoyed incorporating a bit of psychedelia into the line work!

This drawing was derived from an Albrecht Durer engraving. I used it for an angry Santa Christmas card. From the 1980’s. The text read: Ye Better Watch Out, Ye Better Not Cry, Ye Better Not Pout!

Here is a rare illustration of mine with a minimal use of ink line work. I had my two kids in mind as characters in illustrating the short Dickens tale called, “A Child’s Dream of a Star”. This is a story that will surely bring a tear to your eye! Sad in a truly Victorian way.

Lastly, My Christmas Wish for All Readers…

See you again in two weeks… Have a Wonderful Holiday!



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