Illustrations of Moses and Jesus

All images, c. Kevin Sprouls

This week, something different. I present a few sketches that I’ve produced — illustrations of Moses and Jesus. I found that drawing these was a challenging experience. Having grown up a Catholic, in my mind these were iconic, ultimate figures of veneration. These illustrations are sketches. None went to finished art. However, the detail level of these pieces is such that they can stand on their own.

The two pieces below were created for The Franklin Mint in the 1990’s…

The drawings were done with soft pencil, even though there is a definite engraved-line effect going on here. I believe the Franklin mint were looking to produce collectible plates, hence the round composition.

This next drawing was an assignment from the Church of Latter Day Saints. They wanted a sketch only. This is another round composition, a portrait of Jesus of Nazareth:

This drawing is in my preferred medium, bic ballpoint pen.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my efforts in the biblical realm. Wishing you All the Blessings of the Holidays.

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