More Conceptual Illustrations for The WSJ

all images, c. Kevin Sprouls

This week, more conceptual illustrations for The WSJ. Although most of my original illustrations are warehoused somewhere at the Journal, I do have a collection of art that I created while I was on staff there. I also have a pile of photostatic copies of the art I produced… Here is a sampling of them:

This illustration is likely the most simplistic of my entire oeuvre. I call it “Aspiration”. It’s a rather discouraging concept!

Here is an illustration of someone who’s found how to liberate herself from the tyranny of a paging device we called the “Beeper”.

I tapped my High School Physics experience to come with this one. The story was about sales conferences. The challenge was to get the dollar symbol on the screen to be instantly readable. Lots of crosshatching here.

Here, a graphic illustration representing a mound of paperwork in the form of an office tower.

And finally, a Wall Street take on Grant Woods’ “American Gothic”. Note the broken frame. That’s a graphic device I liked to incorporate when it seemed called for. Oh, that bubble-looking thing on the bottom right is called a “ticker”, as in “ticker-tape”. Those machines were drifting into historical horizon as I was drawing this image!

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