Kevin Sprouls – Some Early Work

all images, c. Kevin Sprouls

I decided to share some early work with you this week. You’ll see the famililiar ink line work in formation here. These illustrations were mainly produced in art school years and after graduation. It was the time shortly before I went to work for The Wall Street Journal and started creating the hedcut portrait drawing style.

This image was used in a portfolio of poems by my friend, Mick Tuccillo. Making good use of the stippling technique here. I was using the rapidograph technical pens for this illustration. The collection was printed on a letterpress printing press by me. I will post the entire portfolio in an upcoming post.

Here is somewhat of a self-portrait. I was reading a lot of the Narnia books and Tolkien at the time. This drawing was based on the photo below:

I miss those art school days!

The illustration above was created to announce my 22nd Birthday. It was a party invitation. I still find trees particularly challenging to draw. But, I keep trying, as you can see in the unfinished illustration below!

Hope you found these drawings interesting and fun. Now, I must return to my drawing board. Many clients are waiting!

4 thoughts on “Kevin Sprouls – Some Early Work

  1. Great stuff. Send your clients packing and get back to your roots before it’s too late! The clients will return, in a stampede, when they see what they’ve been missing. You may even find that the intervening years have augmented your original powers in unexpected ways. Look at Charles Burchfield’s career trajectory if you doubt this is (a) possible and (b) advisable! That liquid grace will return and make your coming Late Works a brilliant climax to a career you probably expect will wind down in a predictable way. It won’t, you’ll see!

  2. Hey Kevin, considering your tree renditions look very much like the ones on the mountain outside my back door you’ve nailed it. Keep posting your work, it’s intriguing!

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