Illustrations for the Spring Season

All images c. Kevin Sprouls

Here in North Carolina, It seems that the cold weather is finally receding, and I’m reminded of my Illustrations for the Spring Season. I’ve created many images of a horticultural nature, some of which I’ll share with you here…

This simple drawing was produced for a magazine, I believe one of the periodicals from the Rodale Press. Reminds me of red clover, perhaps peppermint?

I worked for a few years for the excellent, now defunct, Garden Design. It was a glossy, stylish monthly. I created many spot illustrations for the magazine. usually illustrating gardening terms and techniques. One of my favorites was also the first illustration I created for the magazine:

This image of a wildlife barrier is called a “Ha Ha”. No kidding!

Here is an image of bulbs in spring. Lots of sunshine, with some hail in the mix.

Here is a cozy garden spot, showing a tray of seedlings put out of doors in mid-spring to harden.

Here is a collection of trees done for a double-page spread in Garden Design.

Finally, this is an illustration I created as a portfolio sample in support of my self-promotional efforts. I utilized a graphic, linear style with pen and ink, and created a color backdrop with watercolors and colored pencils.

You can see the slight shadow cast by the film overlay. It gives the image a saturated look which I quite like.

That’s it for this year’s Spring Edition. Let’s all get out into the sunshine!

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  1. I really enjoy not only your illustrations but the enjoyable tone of writing you use–and the frequency with which you post.

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