Athletic Illustrations for Magazines, Part 1

All images, c. Kevin Sprouls

Here is a selection of Athletic Illustrations for Magazines. These images were produced mostly for magazines like GQ, Men’s Health, and Esquire. I enjoyed the variety of the assignments… a mixture of fashion and technical drawing in this case. Let’s take the technical illustrations first:

Have you ever worked out on machines like these? I have. It is pretty dramatic how you can get results with not a lot of effort! These are pen-and-ink drawings in the classic WSJ illustration style I pioneered for The Wall Street Journal. Technical and stylish. Speaking of Style…

I did three illustrations for Esquire Magazine showing different modes of athletic attire. Above, we have the college athletic look.

To create these, I had my assistant photograph me in the assorted poses. Here is one of the reference photos (for the artwork above):

Here is a classic tank-top and gym short combo. For the serious contender.

Lastly, for the casual sporting type, some not-so-athletic, yet highly fashionable togs for hanging out!

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