Illustrations for Spring, Final Installment

all images, c. Kevin Sprouls

In this final installment, I present more Illustrations for Spring. to begin, here is a rather elegant drawing of a scythe. This is how people used to cut the grass…

A few years back, I worked on illustrations for a book on organic gardening. I believe it was called The Organic Advantage. Here is the cover illustration:

“From the tiny acorn, the mighty oak grows!” One of the inside illustrations was about the cycle of weather, specifically, how water is recirculated in the environment.

The next two were created for the pages of Garden Design, the premier gardening magazine of its day. I had a long collaboration with Mark Geer, the Art Director.

I was assigned the next image by Reader’s Digest. It was a strange illustration to grapple with. The challenge was to take a packaging design and render it in black and white, with the typography and photography clearly represented. I still don’t really understand the concept, or raison d’etre, but here it is:

Lastly, a burst of color… May Vernal Nature emerge!


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