More Athletic Illustrations

all images, c. Kevin Sprouls

More athletic illustrations in this installment. These are not all from magazines, like last time, but they reflect a more diverse collection of recreational illustration.

The classic yoga headstand. This image ran as a very small spot. Here you see it at original art size.

Here’s a sort of how-to illustration, created for one of the Men’s magazines. These ran as small spots, too.

Perhaps it’s not sport for everyone, but these acrobats must surely be considered top athletes! It was a fun image to draw. This was drawn from scratch, not from photo-reference. Working without a safety-net, you might say.

One of my favorite activities is walking. It’s an effective antidote for the sedentary life of an illustrator. This spot was used in a grade school textbook.

Watersports are also a great form of athletic endeavor. Goggles help.

After all that exertion, it might be a good idea to cool off in nature a bit. Time to unwind with some relaxing sport. How about fishing?

Here is another how-to illustration. This simple drawing shows how to properly tie the knot on a fishing lure. More magazine work made for the sporting-types. Clear, yet elegant.

That will clinch it for this week. More eye candy next time!

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