More Illustrations for Spring

all images, c. Kevin Sprouls

I am still digging through my drawer labelled ‘Garden’ to find more illustrations for Spring. Here is a small collection for your consideration…

I did some work on a book intended for young readers. The illustrations were historical in nature, and the publisher wanted a garland design to frame the book’s title. Here it is…

In the days when I was creating hedcuts at The Wall Street Journal, I was moonlighting at The Reader’s Digest company. They were producing a philatelic series back then, which included first day of issue US Postal Service stamps on envelopes. The envelopes were printed with black and white illustrations. I was one of the artists creating these images. Here are two examples:

Here is a fountain made from watering cans. It was an installation out in the midwest somewhere, as I recall.

This is a floral illustration of an early Valentine’s Day card. The frame was made from embossed paper– quite elaborate. I believe it features Tom Thumb and Thumbelina. Cute, huh?



I am not sure what plant this is, but it’s interesting that the top of the image is not in color. This indicates to me that the assignment was terminated before I was able to finish the illustration.

Here is an illustration of an Iris flower from my garden. I hope this brief tour through my Spring Illustrations has brightened your day. More next week!

One thought on “More Illustrations for Spring

  1. Liked all of these, Kevin! The Tom Thumb & Thumbalina reminds me of drawings my grandparents had up in their attic, when I was a child…really nice.

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