More Illustrations for Spring

all images, c. Kevin Sprouls

I am still digging through my drawer labelled ‘Garden’ to find more illustrations for Spring. Here is a small collection for your consideration…

I did some work on a book intended for young readers. The illustrations were historical in nature, and the publisher wanted a garland design to frame the book’s title. Here it is…

In the days when I was creating hedcuts at The Wall Street Journal, I was moonlighting at The Reader’s Digest company. They were producing a philatelic series back then, which included first day of issue US Postal Service stamps on envelopes. The envelopes were printed with black and white illustrations. I was one of the artists creating these images. Here are two examples:

Here is a fountain made from watering cans. It was an installation out in the midwest somewhere, as I recall.

This is a floral illustration of an early Valentine’s Day card. The frame was made from embossed paper– quite elaborate. I believe it features Tom Thumb and Thumbelina. Cute, huh?



I am not sure what plant this is, but it’s interesting that the top of the image is not in color. This indicates to me that the assignment was terminated before I was able to finish the illustration.

Here is an illustration of an Iris flower from my garden. I hope this brief tour through my Spring Illustrations has brightened your day. More next week!

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