Illustrations for Saving the Planet

all images, c. Kevin Sprouls

I’ve taken on assignments from non-profit organizations over the years, doing illustrations to save the planet. In view of the recent U.N. report about the extinction of species, it seems appropriate to post these images today.

Here is the original version of the Defenders of Wildlife logo. Today, the organization uses a colored version of this design.  I think my design is more dramatic, but that’s just my humble opinion!



Here is a drawing I did of a grizzly bear. It was printed on the menu covers for a gala fund-raising dinner for the Natural Resources Defence Council, or NRDC. When I entered the room for the dinner, it was cool to see my drawing staring up at me from dozens of tables!

Finally, a drawing I did for the World Wildlife Foundation. When I got the phone call for this assignment, the pitch was: “$500. and 50 tee-shirts!” How could I refuse? This illustration was printed on thousands of shirts, of which I received 50. It turned out well, printing very clearly on cotton tees.

I consider myself a good citizen, and try to live without causing harm to the environment. I hope we can reduce pollution, bringing renewable energy into full-fruition. I like to think I’m doing my part in this worthy cause!

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