Portraits for the Statue of Liberty Museum

all images, c. Kevin Sprouls

Last week, the new Statue of Liberty Museum opened in New York. I was commissioned to create three oversized portraits in the WSJ hedcut style that I pioneered. The drawings were produced to be made into metal engraved plaques for installation in the museum. The A/D on this project was Presston Brown of ESI Design in New York City. esidesign.com

These illustrations carry quite a bit of detail, as you can see. This image is of Mr. May. The original art for these pieces was made at approximately 10″ high.

Here, a portrait of Mr. Briganti. I hope to travel to New York soon to see how the installation looks. Should be pretty sharp in etched metal I’m thinking!

Next, a figure many will be familiar with. The former head of Chrysler Corporation. www.chrysler.com/this-is-chrysler.html

I remember Lee Iacocca making a big splash in the eighties. He revived the strugging Chrysler, and his Autobiography was a best-seller. The illustration here is a bit different than the one at the museum, though. The client thought it inconstistent that Mr. Iacocca was without a tie, when the other portraits were more formally dressed. This is the portrait you won’t see on exhibit!

Here is an illustration of ‘Lady Liberty’ that I made for a client last summer. May her flame never be extinguished in the hearts of all who aspire to the idea of the United States of America. I wish my readers a pleasant and meaningful Memorial Day Weekend!

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