WSJ Illustrations and June Weddings

all images, c. Kevin Sprouls

June is a classic month for weddings and I’m celebrating with a couple of WSJ illustrations. The inspiration for this post was a wedding I attended recently. It was truly ‘over the top’!

So, I’ve reached into my deep drawer to find a couple of romantic images I created for The Wall Street Journal…

Tristan and Isolde, likely drawn for the Arts and Leisure page, as it was back then. Note the operatic largesse of these performers! This looks like an early piece, maybe 1981? It would have been a one-column illustration in the paper.

Weddings are the perfect occasion for bagpipe music. Here’s a shot of me getting ready to play at a ceremony on Long Beach Island, NJ. This photo is from 2013…

Another WSJ illustration that was likely printed for Valentine’s Day:

Cupid and his arrows never fail! You’ll notice my signature in the lower left corner if you look carefully. I was using a custom template I made to get that repetitive horizontal pattern of line-work. (Thank you, Elliott Banfield!

For a client in Texas, I designed this illustration which is in a more graphic style than the one I developed for the WSJ:

Again, I’m working that plastic template to get the wavy lines forming the background. My colleague, Barbara Kelley  was good enough to pose with me for the reference photo of this drawing.

Here is a Toast to the Brides and Grooms of June!

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