Architecture, New Yorker Art, Lettering, Mr. Balvenie Illustrations

all images, c. Kevin Sprouls

This time, a gallery of my work covering Architecture, New Yorker Art, Lettering and Mr. Balvenie Illustrations. It is a varied group of images, and all are new to this blog. So, I hope you’ll be entertained by this first showing of my work…

In the 1990’s, I had a steady gig with the New Yorker. Nearly every week, the Art Director, Chris Curry, would call to give me an assignment. It was quick turnaround work. I would normally have to drop everything else, and jump on a one-day rush job! The illustrations were sometimes a bit loose, like this profile of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:

A more structured illustration was of a visiting classical group, The Guarneri Quartet…

It was a demanding job, but I enjoyed the exposure of appearing regularly in my favorite magazine.

Moving on to Architectural Illustration, Here is a drawing of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., a commission from the National Geographic Society:

I created another architectural illustration for a Washington location, The Victor Building:

This illustration was used in a prospectus for the newly renovated property.

Here’s another example of the marriage of architecture and lettering. I think I’d like 110% investment protection, but I’m not sure it exists!

Finally, the scotch whisky maker, Balvenie, thought they would like a Wall Street Journal hedcut portrait of their mascot, the character without a mouth. And here is how I created his portrait…

So ends this end of summer post. I hope you’ve enjoyed these never-before-seen illustrations. More next time!

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