Illustrations for Harvest-time

All images, c. Kevin Sprouls

It’s that time of year again,so I present Illustrations of Harvest-time. Let’s begin with a symbol of abundance, the Cornucopia:

I created this image for a Brooks Brothers print ad celebrating the Thanksgiving Holiday. I worked for the Brooks Brothers campaign for a couple of years. It was great, reliable work!

Toth Design in Boston managed the campaign…

In a similar vein, I created this still-life for the Thermador appliance company.  Instead of the more stipple-styled illustration I created for The Wall Street Journal, I decided to take a more graphic, linear direction. This treatment worked well especially on the chicken skin. The more subtle stipple technique was used to keep the background butcherblock more faint, emphasizing the still-life.

Next, a series of sketches I produced featuring carrots. I do not recall what these sketches were for, but they never made it to finished art stage:

These are naturallistic drawings…

And then, in the more graphic, stylized technique:

I think it’s a shame that one of these variations did not continue on to finished art, but I’m glad I could share them with you in this forum. Bon Appetite!


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