Early Illustrations, Part 2

All images, c. Kevin Sprouls

This week, more of my early illustrations. These were all created in the latter half of my 4-year stint at Tyler School of Art. Let’s start with an infamous image:

The reporter from Advertising AgeĀ adage.com was wowed by this illustration of a tongue emerging from a paper towel dispenser. My team and I were being interviewed as the illustrators of The Wall Street Journal at the time. The image was my response to an illustration class assignment: “Take an inanimate object, and humanize it”. You can see the detailed pen and ink work here.

Here is something a little different for me: a finished illustration drawn entirely in pencil. I forget the assignment, but this was likely an illustration assignment, too. Various consumer goods are floating around and a VW Beetle en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volkswagen_Beetle is coming through the wall. The couch pillows look comfortable, but offer no solace to the figure with bell-bottom blues!

Here is a somewhat art-nouveau influenced design of mine. I enjoyed free-hand drawing the intricate linework in this illustration. For me, this fairly minimalist!

Lastly, my poster design for The Philadelphia Folk Festival, another class assignment:

This image was created with watercolor washes, pencil, and pen and ink. The typography is hand-drawn. I like the antique effect it presents.

That’s it for this week… more to come!

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