Early Illustrations, Part 3

All images, c. Kevin Sprouls

This will be the last in my Early Illustration series. All of this art was created during my time at Tyler School of Art. Tyler gave me a good start in my illustration career. It was a demanding school experience, with a seemingly endless stream of assignments. All of us art students were transformed into disciplined craftsmen. I made a lot of life-long friends, and most of us went through all four years together.

Here’s looking at you:

This is another humanized object, like the tongue piece in my previous post. I don’t believe it was done for my Illustration professor, William Woods, or “Woody”. Likely, this was a sketch that I did not go to finish with. It is a pecil drawing.

We illustration students were once assigned to create a piece containing elements of neon. This was a pretty tall order, as neon is not easily rendered. I was listening to a lot of Procol Harum music at the time, so I decided to create a cover design for their final LP, “Something Magic”…

I posed for this image myself. After finishing this illustration, I made a companion piece for use as a back cover element:

This image was made with technical fountain pen. It’s rather meticulous!

At around this time, a musician friend of mine asked me to design a logo for his band…

I created this piece for them using the same neon elements I’d been playing around with. Instead of using mixed media, as before, I made an acrylic painting. There was a slight hitch, though: When I presented my design, I was told that the band’s name was spelled “Wite Lite”, or some such illiterate typographic arrangement. (They should have changed their name!)

Lastly, I will leave you with another eye-popping illustration. The assignment we were given was to illustrate the phenomenom of “Poltergeist”. My image shows a woman abruptly interrupted while washing dishes… you can see the emergence of the technique I used to develop the Wall Street Journal hedcut portrait style.

Next time, I’ll be showcasing some of my magazine work… stay tuned!

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