Magazine Illustrations, Part 2

All images, c. Kevin Sprouls

Here are more examples of my magazine illustrations. I like the thrill of appearing to a wide audience, but the print media is sometimes disappointing. Once a drawing leaves my studio, its reproduction and appearance is at the whim of the publisher. Take this example from Conde Nast Traveller magazine, Greek version:

The portrait of the author got extremely chewed up. Here are more from this magazine’s article on travel and food…

This one is a bit more true to the original. The background texture is cool.

This is more like it. An illustration of a classic dish.

The next few are from Men’s Journal. They’re a sample of spot illustrations for a section of how-to lifestyle ideas…

I like the background texture they applied to my drawings. These are extremely small images, print size an inch or two.

Next, an illustration that printed in Popular Science magazine, celebrating the centennaries of certain inventions. In this example, a solar generator:

The flamingoes indicate that this installation was located in Florida.

Next, an illustration that never went to print…

This was created for Time magazine. The A/D called me on a Thursday, requesting a currency illustration for a Time cover, to be delivered on Monday. I cranked it out, and got it to Fed-Ex by end of Friday. By the time Monday arrived, the package was missing! It’s one of the only times Fed-Ex let me down, and I’ve used them exclusively since the beginning. As it happened, the cover story got bumped, so my illustration was not needed after all. The image is intriguing, though — The inference is Arab oil money influencing American policies. Do things never change?

Finally, an illustration that did go to press, in Sports Illustrated:

…In an article about the financial prowess of golf superstar, Tiger Woods. I surmise I was being noticed for my ability to render money. I’ve done a lot of work illustrating currency designs. My style lends itself to the engraving technique.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of my blog. More next time!


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