Portraits of Professions

All images, c. Kevin Sprouls

It’s always interesting to create illustrations of people doing what they love — portraits of professions. One of those subjects is a good friend of mine, the voice artist, Joe Murray.

Here is the portrait I made of Joe doing his thing. He is a brilliant talent, as you’ll experience in this promotional video: vimeo.com/396368110  I have managed to persuade this Storyteller to help me out with my own promotional vehicle. I’ll be sure to share it with you when it’s finished.

Next, The wine critic, Robert Parker.

I enjoyed capturing his expression, giving us a knowing glance while assessing the bouquet of his favorite drink. The shirt was a bit of a challenge in this drawing, but I thought it added an interesting contrast point within the image.

The next illustration appeared as a full-page feature in EUROMAN magazine www.euroman.dk/mode

The footballer, Niko Hansen. It was fun adding the motion strokes to make this dynamic image even more lively. The fabric folds were also interesting to render.

Lastly, something different:

Here is an illustration of Jane Goodall with a primate friend. The client specified a more linear, graphic style than my usual, more pointillistic, method. Another luminary who is passionate about her voation.

I hope you have enjoyed this brief survey of my portraits of professions. Hope you all keep well until next time…

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