New Yorker Illustrations

all images, c. Kevin Sprouls

Way back in the 1990’s, I created many Illustrations for The New Yorker magazine. After resigning my post as head illustrator at The Wall Street Journal, I was eager to stretch my wings. I worked for The New Yorker for about two years, contributing to the Goings On About Town, or ‘GOAT’ section. It was a royal nuisance, with next-day deadlines and low pay. But, It was The New Yorker. How could I refuse? The following are a few of my contributions to my favorite magazine…

Here is Joel McCrae, in the film “Foreign Correspondent”. He strikes a convincing pose here, creeping out of his hotel room (or into someone else’s?) in his sleeping attire.

The photographer, Marion Post Wolcott. She documented the American experience of the early 20th century. I used a lot of cross-hatching technique in the New Yorker drawings because it was quick and easy. Usually, I had to turn around my illustrations within 24 hours, so I needed to be quick!

This was a fun image to convey. It’s a scene from the film “Long Time Companion”. These guys are clearly flying! (I’ve been there, myself, on occasion.) The image is interesting in that the beer-bottles are rigidly in contrast to the revelers around them. This is a favorite of mine.

Lastly, Painter and Printmaker, Joan Mitchell. One of my portraits I’m happy with. The cross-hatching technique adds depth to this image. It was a challenge getting the eyeglass reflections to come across without obscuring the gaze of the artist.

I hope you enjoyed this brief survey of my New Yorker art. Stay tuned for more!

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