Portraits for Carnegie Mellon

all portrait images, c. Kevin Sprouls

I’ve been providing portraits for Carnegie Mellon for several years. They are commissioned by the esteemed Pittsburgh university for their Tepper School of Business. My mailbox was graced by the latest issue yesterday. Here is the cover:

My portrait art goes into the section called, “Enterprising Leaders”. The series features four outstanding alums each issue who have been breaking new ground in the corporate world. The current crop are shown here, as published:

These are similar to the quintessential WSJ hedcut portraits that I created for the Wall Street Journal, but the format is more roundly-cropped. I’m working on the next group of portraits right now, for the Fall Issue.

Here are the portraits that I provided for the magazine. Carnegie Mellon has been a great client to work for!

Please contact me if you’d like some portrait work done. kevin@sprouls.com


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