A Large Advertising Project – MinuteMaid

all images, c. Kevin Sprouls

Several years ago, I got an assignment to create a large illustration for MinuteMaid, the orange juice company. The agency, in Chicago, needed a supermarket display to promote the company’s product. The Art Director was Anne Oller.

Normally, I’m working on a pretty modest scale, but I had to adapt to this new challenge. We started with a sketch…

I was creating the art for a free-standing graphic version of an orange tree. Instead of my usual materials — watercolors and pen-and-ink, I chose to use acrylic paints and magic marker. This is the only project of mine employing these materials. I worked on 30″ x 40″ cold-press illustration board. The work went smoothly, though it took some time! Here is the finished, two piece illustration I turned in:

The agency went to work fabricating the display. They sent me a sample in a very large box! It was a three-section prop, complete with individual orange cut-outs that could be attached to the display for three-dimensional effect…

Here I am posing with the prop. It’s taller than I am! I’ve made a couple of detail sections of the art to get you a little closer…

It was a fun project to work on — quite a bit different for me. More adventures in Illustration next time!


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