A New Logo in Currency Design


all images,  c. Kevin Sprouls


A couple of months ago, I was called on to create a new logo in currency design style. I’ve done a lot of currency design illustrations over the years. It’s highly-detailed and exacting work. Here are some examples of my illustration in the currency genre:

The above, a straightforward replica of President Andrew Jackson from the twenty-dollar bill. I copied it as closely as I could. The image appeared in a sales ad for a midwestern department store.

The illustration above was for a TIME magazine cover. Unfortunately, the story got bumped by late-breaking news and this image did not make the cover!

The logo I did recently was for a company, Big Money Players, being created by the actor Will Ferrell. The design firm was Laffayette American. The concept was already worked out, so I merely had to present a solid sketch before proceeding to finished art. Here’s the drawing I submitted…

…and the finished art from my desk:

The designers decided to add some color to the art, and they also handled the typography. You can view the final product here: www.lafayetteamerican.com/bmp

Interestingly, soon after creating this logo art, I watched a new movie starring Mr. Ferrell. He plays an aspiring Eurovision contestant from Iceland, with great and convincing panache. I was quite impressed by the film’s inventiveness and Will Ferrel’s acting chops. It’s a classic. www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXAoznWmuL8

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  1. Wonderful news – wonderfully illustrated, of course!
    Thanks for the tip on the film, too,
    Stay well, healthy and dry… now that you’re not subjected to the storms on LBI!

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