Boston Skyline Illustrations for a Law Firm

All images, c. Kevin Sprouls

I created two architectural illustrations for a Boston law firm a while back. The assignment was to create two versions of the Boston skyline, one current, and one a hundred years before. The drawings were large — there was so much detail to capture, that I had to work at about 400-times up in order to deliver a precise reflection of the city, now and then.

Here is the cover of the book that was published, celebrating 100 years of practice:

My work appeared on the front and back flyleaves…

The drawings were carefully crafted by me, by hand, and will soon be available as limited edition prints for fans of architecture and Boston.

Here are the drawings as they exist in original format (size reduced):

To give a taste of the detail involved in these pieces, I offer this ‘up close’ example:

Thanks for viewing my work! Contact me for more information on my architectural illustrations…

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