Illustrations of Creatures, Real and Imagined

all images, c. Kevin Sprouls

I’ve always loved the animal kingdom, so it’s natural that I enjoy drawing creatures, real and imagined. In this post, I’m focussed on a few illustrations that I consider successful. I hope you’ll agree…

I created a few illustrations for The National Geographic Society for an ad promoting its television offerings. Apart from an architectural drawing of the Capitol, I was assigned to create illustrations for their T.V. characters…

This image for the GeoKids program combines lizard and marsupial characters. I especially enjoyed drawing the scaley creature– his eyes were quite a challenge!

Really Wild Animals included a globe with arms, holding a contorted magnifying glass.

This reptile was drawn for and published by The Wall Street Journal. I enjoyed capturing the minute detail of this beautiful creature.

Finally, a tee-shirt design, for the World Wildlife Foundation. This was a big project, incorporating color, line-work, cartography and hand-drawn type. I like to break frames. Here, the tail of the iguana breaks it big time!


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