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all images, c. Kevin Sprouls

This time, I offer a few architectural illustrations I’ve created over the years. Drawing architecture takes effort and attention to detail. I’m good at that, so I enjoy the pursuit. Let’s start with an image created for The Wall Street Journal — a full-column image of the military school, Sandhurst, in the U.K. :

Take note of the sculptural detail within the pediment. It will appear again later in this post. Next, another architectural drawing from the WSJ:

These images, in print, were very small — a full-column image printed at about 2.25 inches wide. We Journal illustrators worked at a little bit smaller than 300% of finished, printed size. We had to make the illustrations coarse enough to stand up to wire transmission across the country. It was challenging, but fun.

After leaving my post at The Wall Street Journal, I created the above drawing for a brochure designed by a developer of a property in Washington, D.C.

Above, an illustration made to look like a plaque. Note the rosettes in the corners. The drop-shadow lends depth to the image.

More recently, I had the pleasure to live in New Bern, N.C. The most prominent structure in New Bern is the Governor’s mansion, Tryon Palace. Being an admirable building, I thought I would try rendering it…

The Palace is worth a visit. I especially enjoy the surrounding gardens. Remember the sculpture within the pediment from Sandhurst? Here, it reccurs in Tryon Palace. On the left, III. On the right, RG. I believe it refers to the reign of King George, the 3rd.

Lastly, a favorite: where I studied in my final year of Art School, at Temple Abroad, a beautiful building on the Tiber River, in Rome, the Villa Caproni…

I hope you enjoyed this survey of some of my architectural illustrations as much as I enjoyed creating them. Thanks for visiting my blog!


6 thoughts on “Architectural Illustration

  1. i still recall the pointillist self portrait you created your freshman year at tyler and thinking it would take until your senior year to finish it. i was wrong of course.

    • That’s funny, Ray. I don’t remember it, but I don’t doubt it. I do remember drawing a really large self-portrait in graphite. It was on like nine (twelve?) large sheets of paper. I only retain the nose tip. Fun Times!

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