Illustrations for Wingtip Club

all images, c. Kevin Sprouls

It’s been my pleasure to create Illustrations for Wingtip Club, an establishment in San Francisco. Among the projects are my classic Wall Street Journal portrait illustrations, aka hedcuts. These were framed and installed at the club. Here are three: Meryl Streep, Eddie Murphy, and Robert Downey, Jr. …

Another unique assignment involved a couple of famous faces, without hair. These images were printed onto glass ashtrays. The idea was that cigar-smoking patrons could amuse themselves by arranging the ashes into forming the hair omitted in the image. Here are the ashtray illustrations:

These were fun as they are bolder and more graphic in style than my usual output.

Lastly, I present “the Professor”, Jerry Thomas. Thomas was a famous bartender of the 19th and 20th centuries. You can read about his exploits in the entertaining and informative book by David Wondrich, “Imbibe!”

This is my re-working of an old engraving showing Jerry Thomas in the process of making a Blue Blazer. The cocktail was one of his specialties. It involved tossing firey booze from cup to cup, a feat which has become a lost art. The illustration was to promote a jacket being marketed by the Club. It’s always a pleasure to work for an upscale social institution like Wingtip. Soon, I’m sure folks will be out wining and dining once more!

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