Line Art Logos, Graphic Illustration

all images, c. Kevin Sprouls

This post, I will focus on my work in line art logos, and graphic illustration. I am perhaps best known for my pointillistic work as the original Wall Street Journal hedcut portrait style artist. There is another side to my creative output — a more linear and graphic style. Following are some examples in this genre…

Originally created in black-and-white, I thought this image could benefit by a boost of color. The illustration was commissioned for a restaurant menu. One of the many ship drawings I’ve done.

Above, another illustration that began life as a black-and-white, pen-and-ink drawing. You can see the slight shadow being cast here by the acetate overlay. In the old days, I would make a film overlay of my drawing, then create a colored backdrop to complete the work.

Here is a depiction of a cooper at his work. I created this, and the next image for a start-up brewery…

The barrel illustration got ripped off and engraved onto a bar’s window-glass in Canada. I guess that’s a sort of compliment!

Lastly, an image that was used to adorn the historic edition of an Akvavit bottle by the Aalborg distillery in Denmark. It commemorates a battle of 150 years ago, when the adversaries paused their hostilities to join in fellowship over the jar. I enjoyed the ‘spirit’ of this project!

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