Art for Norweigian Fisheries

all images, c. Kevin Sprouls

I recently discovered this collection of Art for Norweigian Fisheries. I made these drawings for the Norweigian Fisheries Ministry several years ago. I have never published these before, but consider them a sturdy group of images in the engraving style. These were for a promotional campaign and have a good storytelling appeal.

We begin with a romantic view of the Fjords:

Note the small fishing boat in the foreground. The tonality of the mountains becomes lighter with distance.

Next, we get down to the business at hand…

The official makes an inspection of the catch, ensuring quality. When the fish are deemed top-quality, they are filleted. The following diagram-like illustrations show the various cuts made for bringing the fish to market…

To wrap up, let’s turn to the heroic image of a beautiful Norweigian Trawler:

I had fun creating this series of illustrations. The project involved detailed treatment of landscape, boats, portraiture, and a bit of how-to. Fun!

6 thoughts on “Art for Norweigian Fisheries

  1. I love getting your emails. Looking at code (my day job) can be stressful and these always bring me joy!

  2. Having worked in commercial fisheries, over the years, I sure appreciate your attention to detail (as with all your works!!!), with these illustrations, Kevin! These are fantastic! Thank you, for sharing!

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