Illustrations of Animals

All Images, c. Kevin Sprouls

This time, I present Illustrations of Animals, a collection of furry and feathered creatures. The first batch is from my days as Head Illustrator for The Wall Street Journal. For the most part, it was an easy and pleasant job. I would normally turn out one image per day, a comfotable schedule. We did have crash-out assignments thrust upon us at times, the nature of the newspaper game. Here are a handful of drawings which appeared in the pages of the WSJ:

The horse, “Northern Dancer”.

An illustration of a Llama. These two are early examples of my work for The Journal.

A Reindeer grazing. (You can see that I snuck my signature into this image, in the lower left-hand corner. I would put my name on the images of which I was most proud.)

A Falconer. I created the background by making parallel ruled lines, augmented by freehand stippling.

A comic twist on the executives often covered by the paper. The background in this drawing was meticulously crafted. The ape is a bit of a hunch-back with an impish grin. He’s bursting out of his vest!

Next, Two illustrations I made for George Butler, the documentary film-maker. These were branding illustrations for his production companies…

George really liked this rendering of a Grizzly Bear. We agreed to make this available to the Natural Resources Defense Council, as the cover illustration for the program of a gala reception for donors. It was a fabulous evening I was happy to attend.

Here, a Lion, the King of Beasts. I enjoyed capturing this sinewy, sleek big cat.


Hope you enjoyed these illustrations of animals. Next time, animals of a more fanciful nature… Stay Tuned!

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  1. Good Stuff… Unpacking still here in Las Vegas… Great town, friendly people excellent Happy Hours… got 3 pals moving down, California is so OVER. . .

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