Illustrating Fantastic Animals

All images, c. Kevin Sprouls

As promised, this week, it’s a survey of my efforts at illustrating fantastic animals. Let’s start with a wine label design I did for the offering from Mendoza called “Gran Enemigo”.

This is the label concept…

and here is my finished illustration:

Next up, a few images that appeared in the New Yorker magazine, for their “Goings On About Town” section:

Here is my illustration for the movie “Gremlins Two”. That little guy is pretty cute!

Next, a band calling themselves “Animal Logic” was playing New York that week…

A little silly, but fun.

On a more serious note, here is a still from the 1946 film, “La Belle et Le Bete”, by Jean Cocteau.

The original version of this art is in black-and-white. I thought it a good idea to create a full-color version. I was well-familiar with the film, so it was exciting to make this illustration.

The New Yorker is my favorite magazine, but it was a challenge to be a regular contributor. The pay was humble, and the turnaround was very tight — one or two days for each assignment. Of course, I couldn’t say no… it was The New Yorker! I worked for the magazine for a little over two years.

Finally, a simple animation I made of my dog, Birch. She is a spirited and beautiful Jack Russell Terrier. Here’s a wink for good luck! …

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