Three Portraits for Personal Computing

All Images, c. Kevin Sprouls

The magazine, Personal Computing, hired me to do a series of three portraits for featured interviews. Nowadays, the publication is known simply as PC. For these portraits, I employed a creative variation of the illustration style I pioneered at The Wall Street Journal. Aside from detailed backgrounds, I used a lot of solid black fields, to utilize to full black-and-white spectrum.

My first subject was Mitchell Kapor…

Pretty straightforward background here. Aside from stippling, I made liberal use of line work and cross-hatching. My next subject would get a bit more intricate…

This is John Scully, one-time head of Apple. Even for me, this is an amazingly detailed piece of work! You can tell I had enormous fun creating that background texture.

Lastly, a portrait of Michelle Preston, in situ and on the page. The hair was the challenge in this drawing…

The real trick with these illustrated portraits was the range of tone — from solid black to white. I was competing with the bold, solid typography, and had to compliment the page design. Here is the portrait in detail…

I hoope you’ve enjoyed these ‘alternative’ portrait drawings. I enjoyed exploring the graphic quality of this technique.


6 thoughts on “Three Portraits for Personal Computing

  1. Brilliant drawing. Kevin where do you get your pens? I like the pens with cartridges but they don’t seem to have them. Please help. Nobody does pen work like you.

    • Hi Richard! I’ve got a supply of used and new pens with cartridges, but they do seem a dying breed. I buy from DickBlick,Jerry’s Artarama, and occasionally, Utrecht’s. You might try DEW Drafting Supplies, too. Thanks for viewing and for your kind words!

  2. Awesome as usual, Kevin. Keep the work coming to me, and if I see an opening, we’ll create another illustration.

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